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The Silver Lining Colloidal Silver Generator With Magnetic Stirrer

Fancy Paws Pet Supplies has been selling quality items for your pets since 1999. We started using Colloidal Silver for our own pets and have discovered all the benefits of using colloidal silver for personal use also.

Colloidal Silver Supply offers high quality colloidal silver generators and certified 9999 pure silver wire. Our silver electrodes come with a assay report showing 99.99 percent purity.

Our colloidal silver generator has all the options needed to make your own colloidal silver for pennies per gallon.

Include in the Colloidal Silver Generator Kit

* Colloidal Silver Generator with built in magnetic stirrer.

* 1000ml (32oz) glass bottle

* TDS test meter to determine what ppm your colloidal silver is.

* 2 - 8" 9999 Pure Silver Rods. Larger surface area makes smaller silver particles

* Scrubbing pad to clean your silver electrodes

* DC adapter

* Magnetic Stirring Bar

All the great features included in this colloidal generator produce a finer colloidal silver. No need to keep stirring because this unit has a built in adjustable speed magnetic stirrer.

Constant current produces smaller particles of silver.

Large 1000ml (32oz) Reagent Clear Glass Wide Mouth Bottle comes with a rubber stopper with drilled holes to hold the 10 gauge wires.

DC adapter plugs into household current and is converted into 30VD at a constant current.

A Total Dissolved Solids Meter (TDS) included to test the parts per million of silver particles in your water.

2 - 8" 10 gauge 9999 Pure Silver Wires are included. The larger surface area will make smaller silver particles.

This unit is available with either a 32oz glass bottle or a 16oz glass bottle for $10.00 less. The 32oz comes with 2 - 8" of 10 gauge wire and the 16oz comes with 2 - 6" 10 gauge wire.


Click to enlargeCare Free Colloidal Silver Generator With Magnetic Stirrer 32OZ Version

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Click to enlargeCare Free Colloidal Silver Generator With Magnetic Stirrer 16OZ Version

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

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