Cat And Kitten Food by Flint River Ranch

Super Premium Health Food for Cats

Our Natural Feline Formulas are manufactured under carefully controlled conditions and temperatures, resulting in better nutrition, palatability and digestibility for your cat. The secret to Flint River Ranch's great nutrition is how many nutrients are present in the cat's food and how efficiently they are utilized when digested.

We are dedicated to you and your pets health and well-being throughout all stages of their growth and development and have enlisted the help of veterinarians, nutritionists, natural ingredient suppliers and other professionals to create three special natural formulas for our Feline Friends. We know kitties have specific needs as they grow and develop and we are committed to you and your pets to maintain and deliver the highest nutritional value cat foods available to insure your felines live a healthy and happy life.

PROTEIN: The amino acids provided by the Chicken and Lamb Meal are the basic building blocks of muscle,skin,coat,bone,blood and the immune system. The most important ingredient in a cat's diet is protein.

ESSENTIAL TAURINE: The high quality Chicken Meal provides Taurine, an essential amino acid for cats, at much higher levels than the poultry by-products used in most cat foods. It is important for eyes, heart, nervous and reproductive systems.

FATS: Our formulas are naturally preserved with Vitamin E. Fats provide energy and include essentials for cell structure, hormones, enzymes and fat soluble vitamins. Our Fat Source has no Ethoxyquin.

Chicken Meal - highest grade for Taurine.
Naturally preserved with Vitamin E.
Promotes low urinary pH.
Helps prevent F.U.S.
Low levels of both Ash and Magnesium.
Proteins helps promote acidic urine.
Better nutrition,palatability, digestibility.
No Artificial Colors.
No Artificial Flavors.
No By-Products.
No Chemical Preservatives.
No Ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT.


Young kittens may be started on Flint River Ranch by mixing with a little warm water. Feed food dry as soon as the kitten's teeth are strong enough to chew hard foods (8 to 10weeks). Feed kittens about 3 times a day-after six months, twice a day.

Adult cats (1 year) can be fed twice a day. This depends upon what keeps your cat happy. Your cat should be looking for food when the next meal is due.

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Cat And Kitten Food by Flint River Ranch
Cat And Kitten Food by Flint River Ranch

Adult Lite Cat Food by Flint River Ranch
Adult Lite Cat Food by Flint River Ranch

Cat Hairball Management Formula Cat Food
Cat Hairball Management Formula Cat Food

Flint River Ranch Bonita Cat Treats
Flint River Ranch Bonita Cat Treats

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