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Dog Food - Cat Food - By Flint River Ranch

This website is not the official web site of the Flint River Ranch Company.This site is owned and operated by Fancy Paws LLC, Flint River Ranch independant authorized distributor #GMX7. Any pricing, policies including discounts, claims and return policies, may not necessarily be those of the Flint River Ranch Company and are only supported by the distributor who owns and operates this website. If you are already a customer of Flint River Ranch and this is not your original distributor or their website, your distributor may not receive credit for an order placed on this site.


Flint River Ranch Super Premium Pet Food. Wonderful dog food and cat food. Specially formulated for each. OVEN-BAKED Kibble = easy-to-digest Complete nutrition with a mixture of chicken and lamb, 2 kinds of rice and 3 kinds of grains. Flint River Ranch is shipped fresh directly to you and never sits on the shelf. Highly digestible.

We appreciate everyone's concern about the current recall and its unsettling recent expansion to include some dry foods beyond the canned formulas initially recalled. I know that you are all recieving inquiries from your customers and have questions of your own.


Flint River Ranch would like to reaffirm that all of our formulas and ingredients are safe. We purchase all of our ingredients from major US suppliers, and our ingredients are subjected to USDA testing. Our lamb is from free-range ranchs located in New Zealand.

Flint River Ranch foods do NOT contain wheat gluten. Wheat is used in some formulas; however, that wheat is acquired from a USDA-certified provider. The wheat used in FRR formulas is safe, does not come from China, and is always tested and certified.

Despite what various reports you read or see on TV may indicate, wheat - and wheat gluten - is truly NOT the source of the problem. The presence of a chemical(s) within a specific batch of wheat gluten from one Chinese company used by the Menu company is the issue. This is not to trivalize the problem, but to clarify the issue and assure you that this recall does not involve Flint River Ranch products or any ingredients.

Some imported wheat gluten from China is being recalled by ChemNutra, Inc. as a result of recent questions and findings surrounding this recall. From what we can find, only a particular lot from one of three Chinese suppliers of wheat gluten to ChemNutra is suspect. Please go to for more information about the recall of imported wheat gluten from China.

As always, Flint River Ranch follows and exceeds guidelines as set forth by AAFCO - American Association of Feed Control Officials. Flint River Ranch foods are made using our own fixed formulas under our direction in Southern California. We do not "piggy-back" onto lines of mass-produced foods.

If you are still concerned about wheat in their pet's diet despite this information and would like to feed a wheat-free food, Flint River Ranch offers two excellent formulas that are 100% wheat-free. Lamb Meal, Millet & Rice (code LMR) and "Fish N' Chips" - Trout and Sweet Potato (code FNC) both offer fully balanced nutrition for dogs, and are available in 10 and 20 pound bags.

Daily Cost Comparison
Costs Less to Feed!

Concentrated for better nutrition, palatability and digestibility - you feed from 20 to 40% less than other foods.

  Cost/Lb Cups/Bag Cups/Day* Price/Cup Cost/Day
FLINT RIVER 1.00 80 2.5 0.25 $0.63
Science Diet .90 80 3.75 0.225 $0.84
Eukanuba .80 80 4.00 0.20 $0.80
Purina Chow .65 80 4.50 0.163 $0.73
Iams .75 80 3.5 0.188 $0.66
*Suggested number of cups for 45-55 lb. dog per day

Dog Food by Flint River Ranch
Dog Food by Flint River Ranch

Cat And Kitten Food by Flint River Ranch
Cat And Kitten Food by Flint River Ranch

Dog Treats
Dog Treats

Flint River Ranch Bonita Cat Treats
Flint River Ranch Bonita Cat Treats

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Flint River Ranch Dog Food and Cat Food. All your dog food needs are here. Treat your pet to the best dog food or cat food made. Get Flint River Ranch

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