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The next level of Pet Doors for the customer who demands quality and style. Not only are our pet doors made to last for many trouble free years, they will look great in your home. Beautifully engineered to be secure, insulated, and durable.

Dogwalk - Trusted name for quality, appearance, durability, and value.
Look for Dogwalk Dog Doors to be found in America's finest homes.


*A dog door that is very secure

Our door cannot be removed from the outside if supplied rivets are used. We also include screws for those who prefer them. All doors come complete with a slide in security panel which is inserted into channels molded into the Aluminum profiles, thereby helping to prevent intruders entering via your pet door.

*A dog door that is easy to install.

Our self framing tunnels are an integrated, telescoping system enabling easy installation on both the door mounts and wall mounts. This alone is worth buying our dog door. Once the hole in your door or wall is cut out, the inside frame and outside frame just slide into each other. There is no cutting or constructing of tunnels. We have provided 3 different methods to secure our door in place. The fastest and easiest way is to use a little silicone in between the two tunnel sleeves. This will firmly hold the door together. The second method is with rivets. We supply a drill bit and enough rivets to fasten it together. This is very secure because it is tamper proof from the outside. The third method is attaching the tunnel sleeves with provided screws. This holds the door in as well as the rivets but can be taken out from the outside. Itís the easiest pet door on the market to install. Guaranteed.

*A dog door that requires no cutting or construction of wall tunnels for our wall installation dog door.

We have installed just about every dog door on the market. We know what we are doing and it is still not an easy job. Most doors have plastic wall kits that have to be assembled and cut to fit your wall. Getting all the pieces to line up is a challenge. So is figuring out their instructions. The ones with metal wall kits have to be cut to fit. You will need some tin snips and some muscle to get this right.

Our wall mount dog door is a two piece telescoping system that self adjusts to the thickness of your wall. It does not require any assembly or cutting of wall kits. The inside and outside frame both have the wall tunnel attached to them. The inside frame slides into the outside frame for a tight fit. Dogwalk dog doors for walls fit walls from 4" to 7.5" thick. Door installation models fit door 1.25" to 2.25"

*An aluminum dog door that looks great in your home

You couldn't ask for a better looking dog door. Instead of a flat metal frame, we made it beveled, to look like a photo frame. No screw holes add to the beauty of this dog door. We selected Aluminum for the construction of dog doors as we found that many of the plastic dog doors presently available on the market did not perform well under the treatment that many dogs give them. Aluminum is a permanent material which is well proven in the building industry and has a very good life span.

*A flexible flap that is virtually indestructible.

Not only is our flexible flap safer for your pets and children, it will not tear or puncture. Made by Bayerģ, it withstands extreme temperatures without loosing its shape. It remains flexible even at minus 30 deg. The Dogwalk doors have a woven brush seal to keep out draughts. The brush seals against the door walls at all times. The door is held shut by powerful super magnets. Our two flap version makes this door a superior insulated dog door. Tinted for added security and protection against harmful uv rays. Itís the toughest flexible dog flap on the market.

With the development of these doors our main goal was to provide a sturdy door with good flap sealing ability. Most of the dog doors we tested had flexible PVC flaps. These doors were subjective to severe weather conditions. Our results indicated that under warm to medium weather conditions they performed reasonably well. However, when subjected to cold and windy conditions they did not perform well at all. For example we found that at Minus 5 deg the PVC flap material became ridged and lost its flexibility. If it was windy or the dog passed through the door in cold conditions the flap would remain distorted, losing is sealing properties when they are most needed to prevent draughts and save valuable energy.

30 day money back if not completely satisfied.

3 Year warranty for any manufactures defects.

Feel free to compare our door to any other aluminum dog door. Compare to the Hale pet door, Smart Pet dog door, Staywell aluminum dog doors. You will find Dogwalk superior in looks, durability of our flap, our locking system, and ease of installation. Dogwalk - The Superior Dog Door.

What Customers Are Saying About Dogwalk Dog Doors
"Bought a dogwalk dog door almost 2 years ago and am very satisfied with it. It has held up very well with no problems even though we have 3 dogs using it all day long." JT from Boulder Co.

"We have had a few dog doors in a few different homes so far. The Dogwalk is far nicer looking and has preformed flawlessly for about a year so far. We live in the nicest looking home we have owned so far and now have the nicest looking pet door. It goes well with our stainless steel appliances. Thank you for a great pet door." SM from Beverly Hills Ca.

"Works great, looks great." AH from Chicago Il.


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much we are enjoying our new Dogwalk Wall Mount Dog Door. Our sliding glass door is too narrow for a panel door, so we were left deciding between putting a door into the glass or into the wall. Ultimately we decided on the wall because we can always remove it and patch the hole at some point if need be. We were nervous about installation and the aesthetics of the door... so after much research we ended up trying out the Dogwalk (which was actually recommended to us by another company - over their OWN dog door!). My husband installed it himself, and after finishing the process (took about a half day from start to finish), he said he didn't realize how easy it would be. It was important for us to install it as close to the ground as possible to get a low rise suitable for our Dachshund, and the frame size on the door made it perfect to fit right over the 2x4 beam that runs along the base of the interior of the wall (he finished the baseboards off as well so it looks very nice). The finish of the door looks great, aesthetically it works nicely with our home, and frankly we just couldn't be more pleased. The construction of the door was very nice, and the flaps are fantastic... pliable enough that my small Papillion can easily get through (double flaps) but sturdy enough to keep any weather out. Since we installed it, we have had a week of rain, lots of wind, and cold weather in general. I have to say that the door has held up VERY well to all of it - I have walked by it many times and never noticed the "cold" feeling I used to get when walking by our old cheap panel door.

Overall, I just want to thank you for providing such a great product. Easy to install, very sturdy, and it looks great. Our dogs love it and we are thrilled to have a permanent solution for them now. Also, the customer service you provided was great... I had a question about the flap on the door I got, and when I called to ask, they sent me another door to compare with a free return label to ship the second one back to them. Very helpful!! I attached some pictures for you to see the finished product as well (the clear caulk around the edges shows as shiny in the photos because of the flash, but not in person!). Thanks again!!

Sincerely, Erika D.

Dogwalk Dog Door For Through A Door Installation
Dogwalk Dog Door For Through A Door Installation

Dog Door - Dogwalk Dog Doors For Through A Wall Installation
Dog Door - Dogwalk Dog Doors For Through A Wall Installation

Close out Dogwalk Dog Door - Through a Door Old Models
Close out Dogwalk Dog Door - Through a Door Old Models

Close out Dogwalk Dog Door - Through a Wall Old Models
Close out Dogwalk Dog Door - Through a Wall Old Models

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Dogwalk insulated security dog door, doggie doors - The superior dog doors. Compare to Hale pet doors, Smart Pet, Staywell, or any other aluminum dog door and see the difference. The next level of pet doors for the customer who demands quality and style. No other comes close. Dog Door Free Shipping