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Pet Door Electronic - Electronic Dog Door - Electronic Pet Door

Electronic Pet Door - Automatic Pet Door

Power Pet Door - Electronic Pet Door - Automatic Pet Door
Patented POWER PET electronic pet doors are fully automatic, motor driven and open completely under their own power. Activated by an ultrasonic pet collar, these amazing, pet doors absolutely keep out stray animals. They are secure against wind, rain, cold and snow and provide much better insulation than conventional flap doors. Power Pet doors feature an attractive, translucent Lexan door panel that quickly and quietly powers upward disappearing into the stylish housing. Your pets are empowered to come and go as they please while their animal friends are politely asked to stay out.

PetSafe Smart Door
Grant him exclusive access to your home, locking out unwanted visitors. Our award-winning Smart Door recognizes the SmartKey™ tag on your pet’s collar and unlocks the pet door. After your pet has passed through, it re-locks automatically. Additional keys available for other pets.

PlexiDor Electronic Pet Door
This Door Provides Security and Pet Access Control Units For Doors and Walls. PlexidorTM Electronic Doors allow access only to pets wearing the RFID key. This Door is raccoon proof.

Staywell Infa-Red Large Dog Door
Uses infa-red to activate the lock. Helps keep strays and other animals out of the house. Rugged ABS construction with low-maintenance speckled grey finish and smokey tinted flap. Programmable 4-way manual rotating deadbolt secures door from inside for fully-closed, in-only, out-only, or two-way operation.

Staywell, Catwalk, Ideal, and Dog Mate make electronic doors for small dogs.

Electronic Pet Power Pet Doors
Electronic Pet Power Pet Doors

DogMate Electromagnetic Dog Door
DogMate Electromagnetic Dog Door

The PlexiDorTM Electronic Pet Door
The PlexiDorTM Electronic Pet Door

Solo Pet Door Extra Magnets - Large


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