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LECTRO-KENNEL - Kennel Heater Pad

* Lectro Kennel kennel heater has been warming pets for over 30 years.

* It is ideal for use in a doghouse, kennel, garage, basement, porch or anywhere extra warmth is desired.

* Internal thermostat keeps temperature at a desirable 102 with pet on the pad.

* Lies flat on the floor or attaches to dog house wall so the dog can lie on or against it.

* Be sure not to cover entire doghouse floor with the Lectro-Kennel kennel heater, so dog may have a choice to be on or off the pad.

* If mounting on a wall, take precaution not to drill through or puncture the pad in any way, as pad is an electrical device.

* When using Lectro-Kennel kennal warmer as a whelping pad or for geriatric pets, use the Lectro-temp control to adjust to the desired temperature.

* Great for your outdoor cats and dogs.

Operates on 110-120 volts, 50/60 Hz.
The unit is constructed of a rugged ABS plastic and a steel wrapped cord.
Small 12.5" X 18.5" ---- 40 watts
Medium 16.5" X 22.5" ---- 60 watts
Large 22.5" X 28.5" ---- 80 Watts


Click to enlargeSMALL LECTRO-KENNEL 12.5" X 18.5"

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